Timber Fencing

Get the winning look that only wooden fences can offer. At Jim’s Fencing, we can combine the practicality and beauty of the best in timber fencing to find the right option for you.

Our team works with you to create a custom fencing solution that gives your home a winning design and style.

Timber Fencing Styles

A fence can give character and charm to your home. A great looking fence can even add value to your property.

It’s like a beautiful frame on a picture – and timber fencing is the perfect frame when you picture your perfect garden.

Can you imagine how well a ‘natural look’ will suit your home and garden? If you live in a native bush area, you’ll love what timber fencing has to offer.

A fencing solution that captures the tones and ambience of your environment means your place will look like it truly belongs. It’s your own space in the perfect place, with the perfect fence to match.

Merbau Fencing

A professionally installed Merbau fence from Jim’s Fencing is a top choice. With its attractive style and the added privacy of a timber screen or fence, you can showcase your home in the best possible light.

When it comes to timber fencing, Merbau is a beautiful choice. The eye-catching, golden-brown colouring is a standout feature – it always looks like magic!

The advantages are many. Merbau is an extremely durable, hard wearing and tannin rich.

It’s easy to work with in terms of clean cutting and easy to fasten, so Jim’s Fencing can get your Merbau fence installation ‘up and stunning’ sooner than you think.

How much will a Merbau fence cost?

A Merbau fence is a popular choice for Australian homes and backyards. The cost of a Merbau fence can vary greatly depending on the quality of the wood and style of fence being built. It’s the same with the workmanship.

 You can cut corners with the quality of installation, but you’ll probably end up paying for later down the track.

A poorly constructed fence can lead to a range of problems. It’s important to understand the choices you’re making when it comes to the full Merbau fence cost: in terms of money, time, complexity and lifespan.

Think twice before compromising and make Jim’s Fencing your first port of call. Get in touch with our expert team for a Merbau fence installation quote.

Paling Fencing

The paling fence has always been a winner in home fencing. Created from timber, it naturally compliments any garden and natural bush environment. 

Jim’s Fencing’s paling fences come in a range of heights to keep your home safe, private and pleasing to the eye.

On a budget? Timber fencing is a fantastic option if you want to get the most for your money. You get the affordable and winning look of timber fencing while adding a rustic style to your property.

Classic paling fencing is the perfect affordable timber fence option. Paling is great for fencing-off larger properties in the most cost-effective and engaging way.

Classic paling fencing is the perfect affordable timber fence option. Paling is great for fencing-off larger properties in the most cost-effective and engaging way.

Affordability is important, but what about your safety and privacy? A paling fence gives you the best of everything. Constructed by placing palings close together, there are no gaps or peep-holes, ensuring your home is safely out-of-sight from passers-by and nosey neighbours. 

Creating your own private space is easy with our selection of attractive timber fencing. With a range of heights available, you can choose your level of privacy as well as the shade and tone of wood you’d like to use.  

With your choice of concrete, steel or timber posts, our paling fences come with the option of attractive lattice tops to complete the perfect natural look. You’ll also have the option to stain or paint your timber fence, giving you a full range of options – so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your treasured home.

A paling fence offers:

  • Privacy & security
  • A budget-friendly fencing solution
  • A natural look for bush environments
  • A range of paling heights to suit your property


To find out more about wooden fences available from Jim’s Fencing, get in touch with our team today.

Why Trust Jim’s Fencing for Timber Fencing?

If you need a new fence installed or even if you’re just considering which style of fence to choose, why not give Jim’s Fencing a call? We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we have a friendly franchisee in your local area.

There are many fencing contractors out there, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same standard of work. Don’t risk an inexperienced team installing a fence that should last you for years to come. 

When you choose a trusted name like Jim’s Fencing, you have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive the highest quality product and the best workmanship.

Jim’s Fencing has been providing Australians with the best customer experience possible for over 28 years.You can’t go wrong when you rely on the professionals at Jim’s.

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