Fencing Repairs

Starting to notice some signs of damage on your fence? If your fence is more than ten years old, it’s inevitable that it will eventually need repairs.

 If you’re trying to be proactive about your fence’s lifespan, you may even want to get on top of a minor problem early.

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Does Your Fence Need Some Attention?

Starting to notice some signs of damage on your fence? If your fence is more than ten years old, it’s inevitable that it will eventually need repairs.

 If you’re trying to be proactive about your fence’s lifespan, you may even want to get on top of a minor problem early.

Your fence may need repairs for many different reasons, including:

  • Rotting posts, pickets, or supports
  • Rust build-up
  • Damage or impact to the fence
  • Climate-related breakdown
  • General wear and tear

Whatever challenges your fence is facing, Jim’s Fencing has got you covered. From quotes to repairs and replacements, even in an emergency, you can count on your local Jim’s Fencing contractor.

5 Signs Your Fence Needs Repairs

There are a few telltale signs that your fence needs repairs, and most of them are pretty clear by looking at your fence.

Fence leaning can be caused by rain, wind, or just through the aging process of the wood. If you notice that your fence is no longer upright, it’s best to tackle the problem as soon as possible.

Fence rotting occurs commonly in fences that have not been treated properly. If caught early enough, it can prevent you from having to replace your fence completely. Fence rot can be detected early by checking the posts of your fence, where they meet the ground. Our team is trained in all things fences and will be able to help you spot rot before it gets out of control.

Water damage is another visible indicator that your fence needs repairs. Water and rain damage can often lead to rust, rot, mould, and structural decay, depending on the type of fence you have. Ongoing water damage can even lead to mould and algae on your fence.

Subtle signs of pest problems in your fence include swelling, water damage, crumbling, cracking and visible insect tracks in the wood. If you spot any of these signs, get in touch with a fencing contractor ASAP.

Posts and panels can warp, wobble and fall off over time, or they may be damaged by impact or strong weather. However, having parts fall off your fence can also be a sign of other quality issues.

Do any of these problems sound familiar? If you have any concerns about your fence, a Jim’s Fencing contractor can help diagnose the issue.

Timber Fence Repairs

Timber fences look beautiful and while they are pretty resilient, they still need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Jim’s Fencing can assist with all wooden fence repairs, including:

🗸 Replacing fence palings and panels
🗸 Replacing timber fence posts
🗸 Filling and sealing holes in fences
🗸 Fixing a leaning wooden fence

Damaged wooden fences can be a safety risk, and compromise your safety. Fragmented and broken pickets and slats can cause injury, and mould growth is hazardous for your health, so it’s important to address any concerns about your timber fence ASAP.

When you get a Jim’s Fencing professional to repair your wooden fence, we go the extra mile. We will clean up and repair any affected area, then do our due diligence to make sure the rest of your fence isn’t at risk.

Colorbond Fence Repairs

Damaged metal fences can be dangerous, and particularly if you have children or pets in the yard, you’ll want to repair your Colorbond fence as quickly as possible.

With more than 28 years of experience as fencing contractors, our local teams are fully trained to fix your Colorbond fence.

Colorbond fences can be seen all over Australia, and it’s easy to see why: they’re cheap, good looking and hardy. But even something as sturdy as a Colorbond fence will need repairs now and again.

Bent panels, broken posts and structural damage to your fence are all a possibility throughout its life span – often due to a landscaping accident, weather damage or vehicle collision.

Metal Gate Repairs

As tough as they as, even metal gates need repairs sometimes. Rust, impact and wear and tear over time can leave your metal gate looking worse for wear.

Damaged and poorly maintained metal gates be a safety issue, risking everything from rust stains to injury from sharp wire edges.

A sagging or bent metal gate may no longer fit properly, making it difficult to open and close.

That’s where Jim’s Fencing comes in. Our teams across Australia are qualified and ready to handle any metal gate repairs you may need, including heritage wire and chain wire gate repairs.

Emergency Fence Repairs

If you need your fence repaired urgently, don’t wait. Jim’s Fencing is your reliable local fencing contractor, with the skills and the knowledge to get the job done quickly.

Whether it’s metal, wire, or timber, Jim’s Fencing can repair it all to the highest quality, and we’re ready to take your call now.

No matter if it’s storm or wind damage, has had a tree fall onto it, or has suffered some other collision by a driver, Jim’s Fencing is your go-to for all emergency fence repairs.

We act quickly and efficiently when your fence issues need a quick resolution. We can even liaise with you and your insurance company at the same time to make sure any work we do is covered under your insurance policy.

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