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Front yard fencing is rarely included by a builder or developer, meaning you and your neighbours on a new estate will all be in the same boat. Why not work together and coordinate your new fence installation?

If you’re not sure where to turn, you can count on Jim’s Fencing to provide the answers.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Neighbourhood Fencing Style?

By working with your neighbours as a group, you will often be able to negotiate a discounted rate for residents of your development with your fencing contractor. If multiple homeowners are using the same contractor to fence their homes, you’re sure to get great value on your boundary fencing.

When one homeowner chooses a brick wall with slat fencing while the others choose tubular fencing, it can create a look that clashes. 

It’s better to work as a group and engage a professional fencing contractor like Jim’s Fencing. We can recommend a fencing style that suits the architectural style of your residential estate.

A unified style makes for an eye-catching and fashionable look for the entire street, which can even increase the value of your home.

 Not only that, but coordinating your fencing with your neighbours can give everyone a sizable cost saving during the installation process.

How To Organise Fence Installation On New Estates

Every housing estate, council and state will have different guidelines on how to go about installing a new fence. Most neighbours are very considerate and will make the process very smooth. The easiest way to navigate shared fencing dilemmas is to keep channels of communication open.

Start by calling your estate’s sales office, management team, or your local council to get contact details for your neighbours – this is especially important if your homes are in different stages of construction and the owners aren’t on-site yet.

You need to maintain communication with your neighbours and give them the chance to voice their perspective. Some neighbours won’t mind what you do and are happy to pay their share once the fence is built. Others will want an active role in the process, so be prepared to listen and come to a decision that suits everyone.

After gaining some direction on fencing styles and options, the next step is to obtain quotes from a local fencing contractor like Jim’s Fencing. After having the opportunity to evaluate the quotes, you can then move forward with new fence installation on your estate.

Most neighbours are going to be pleasant and civil, but at the end of the day, they are required to pay an equal share for a sufficient boundary fence. If your neighbours make the process difficult, a fencing order can be issued by the court as a last resort. However, it’s always better to come to a happy agreement together – after all, these are the neighbours you’re going to have for the foreseeable future!

For any questions you may have, or to get a quote on housing estate fencing, get in touch with Jim’s Fencing.

What To Consider When Installing A Fence On A Housing Estate

There’s a lot to consider and it’s not all straightforward. Thankfully, the professional team at Jim’s Fencing knows all about estate boundary fences. If you are unsure about the fencing regulations set by your developer or local council, our local franchisee can assist with all the details.

To find out more, speak to one of our capable team members on 13 15 46.

One of the major decisions, as both your neighbours, the developer and the council will need to have an input. The style, height and material may be the same across neighbouring fences, or you may choose to have similar fences differing in texture, material or colour.

These can be very specific and you need to follow them all. Some estates tend to have strict rules in place for fences and landscaping. You may need approval before you have your fence installed.

Another major factor, and it’s a good idea to make sure your boundary lines are accurate before you go ahead with fencing. Small deviations in boundaries can lead to bigger disputes and costs later down the line, so it’s worth getting this right from the beginning.

Cost of the fence is the final decision you will be faced with. Keep in mind that if you are sharing a fence with your neighbours, the costs will need to be divided, and if one party wants a more expensive option than the others, you’ll have to negotiate who will pay the difference.

There’s a lot to consider and it’s not all straightforward. Thankfully, the professional team at Jim’s Fencing knows all about estate boundary fences. If you are unsure about the fencing regulations set by your developer or local council, our local franchisee can assist with all the details.

To find out more, speak to one of our capable team members on 13 15 46.

Who Pays For The Cost Of Fencing On New Estates?

The new owner is almost always responsible for the cost of installing a fence on a new estate. And because fences are shared, fencing costs are shared too.

The team at Jim’s Fencing is experienced in all things estate fencing, including drawing up quotes and arranging for neighbourhood fence installation. If you need advice or want to get the ball rolling, talk to someone from our friendly team.

From new fence installation to repairs, you are usually splitting those costs with your neighbours who share that fence line. That means if you share boundaries with two of your neighbours, any costs for the property’s fence are going to be divided three ways.

The law states that when a fence needs to be built, neighbours that share boundaries have to contribute equally for a fence to be built to the minimum standard. However that doesn’t mean that if your neighbour wants a fancy or elaborate fence that you are going to be stuck with a bigger bill.

Legally, you are only required to pay for half of what is considered to be a standard fence for your estate.

However, in most cases, neighbours can come to a happy agreement about what kind of fence they’d like and how much to spend on it.

Why Choose Jim’s Fencing For New Estate Fencing?

Your fence is an important fixture that frames and secures your new build – so why entrust it to anyone but the experts? You want to know that every aspect is handled by a professional, and Jim’s Fencing are the most reliable fencing contractors in Australia.

When navigating the issue of new fence installation on a housing estate, there are those extra considerations that can complicate the journey. The fully trained professionals at Jim’s Fencing can give you the expert advice you need to succeed.

To save time, avoid stress and guarantee a quality outcome, talk to Jim’s Fencing first. As the local fencing professionals, we understand the requirements of the area in which you live. We are ready to help with all your fencing needs, from stand-alone garden fences to negotiating cost-effective rates on a neighbourhood fencing project.

We’d be happy to provide an obligation-free quote on your new build’s fencing requirements, so call 13 15 46 to talk to a Jim’s Fencing expert today.

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