Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence In Australia 20222

10 Ideas to Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence In Australia 20222


Removing graffiti from a fence can be a time-consuming, challenging and an expensive task if you have to get a professional removal service to assist you. Depending on the materials that the fence is made from and the amount of graffiti on it, removing it can be arduous and can damage the fence. So, what can you do to prevent being targeted by graffiti vandals in the first place? What can you do to protect your fence?

Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence In Australia 20222

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about graffiti on our fences. Unfortunately, graffiti vandalism continues to be an issue in many areas across Australia, costing Australian state governments and private residents upwards of $200 million a year to remove tagging and fix destruction to properties. Ensuring that your fence is less appealing to taggers is the best way to prevent your property from becoming a repeat victim of this kind of defacement. Here are 10 ways to prevent graffiti vandals targeting your fence.


#1 Maintain your property

Keeping your property clean and tidy, with regularly mowed lawns and trimmed plants, gives the message that you care strongly about the appearance of your home and it also indicates your presence at the home. A well-tended yard will indicate to potential perpetrators that graffiti will not go unnoticed at your property the way it might if you had a neglected-looking yard with litter and overgrown grass. Graffiti vandals will hopefully see your property as well looked after and may opt for an easier target instead, where they will be able to go unnoticed and their illegal graffiti might have more chance of not being immediately removed.


#2 Remove all graffiti ASAP

If there is existing graffiti or if you are getting regularly targeted by graffiti vandals, remove the graffiti thoroughly and as soon as possible. Graffiti taggers want their name or slogan to be seen – that’s why they do it. If you get rid of it straight away, the graffiti will be easier to clean, and you’ll be taking away the opportunity for the graffiti to be displayed. Graffiti taggers will view your property as a waste of an opportunity to leave graffiti tags, as they know you’ll just remove it quickly.


#3 Choose your fence material wisely

The type of fence that you choose for your property can make it either easier or more difficult for a graffiti vandal. The ideal fence for an illegal graffiti tagger is a smooth, blank wall. Textured surfaces, such as brick walls or a hybrid timber wall, will be less attractive to a tagger because it means that their tag will be harder to read. Fences with gaps will also be a less attractive target for the same reason – this could include tubular fencing, picket fencing or paling fencing. An art deco custom fence is another great option – if it’s got a unique texture and shape, it will be harder for the graffiti to show up as a clean line of text. Another fence along this line is a wrought iron fence or heritage wire fence because there is minimal surface area to tag on effectively. When deciding on a fence that will prevent graffiti vandalism, your choices are various. Contact Jim’s Fencing on 13 15 46 for a more in-depth chat about fencing options for your property – Jim’s Fencing professionals have been installing and repairing fences across Australia for over twenty years.


#4 Choose dark colours for your fence

Dark colours will automatically turn off potential perpetrators. Tagging and graffiti will be less noticeable on darker shades, which will not be as appealing for a vandal to target. Darker colours are usually also easier to cover up and paint over. Try to keep a bit of the same colour paint handy for whenever you need it. This tip is only suitable for painted fences, powder-coated fences will need to be scraped off and professionally re-done. Contact Jim’s Fencing for advice on repairing powder-coating.


#5 Report all vandalism promptly

Calling the police to report a spray-painted name may seem a bit excessive and occasionally time-consuming for not much payoff. A lot of the time, the police will not be able to do much about it. However, it is imperative to report all and any vandalism on your property. If repeated reports of graffiti crimes are taken in the area, the police may look at the area as a hotspot, and potentially provide additional security measures. Certain councils may also help to organise professional cleaning or provide you with graffiti cleaning products.

Prevent Graffiti Vandalism on Your Fence In Australia 20222


#6 Grow plants, vines or shrubs in front of your fence

Taggers are usually young people who want an easy surface to get to. Planting trees, shrubs, flowers or vines on or next to your fence will make it more difficult for the person to access the fence, so this can be an effective way to prevent illegal graffiti. Having plants covering your wall will mean that there is no longer a ‘blank canvas’ for a graffiti vandal. Tagging won’t show up as clearly on a fence that is covered with plants, and this will deter vandals who won’t bother expending the time and energy to tag your fence. Planting a thorny plant is also a great physical deterrent if you have a recurring tagging problem. Ouch!


#7 Paint a mural

If you can’t beat them, join them! Not only will a professionally painted mural jazz up your wall, but it will also help your fence to become less of a target for graffiti. Graffiti vandals usually prefer a blank wall to tag on rather than deface or cover someone’s else’s art. Bold murals also make it harder for illegal tagging to stand out.


#8 Use a protective coating

If your fence is not the style of fence that would deter a graffiti vandal, there are still actions that you can take to make the fence a less attractive target. Anti-graffiti coatings are innovative products that make it difficult for graffiti to stick or sink into the fence’s surface. It makes it so that any graffiti is easy to clean by simply wiping it off. Anti-graffiti coatings typically do not alter the surface of your fence, and you can purchase different types for wood, metal, vinyl and modular fence types.


#9 Get bright lights installed

Graffiti taggers do not want to be caught. When scoping out a wall, they want an easy-to-access place that has multiple entrance and exit options in case they need to run away. They also want a wall in a dark area, so people can’t see them tagging. Streetlights may be adequate for the houses and properties positioned directly beside them, but they won’t be as helpful if your property is located back from the road. Installing motion sensor lights that will light up when a tagger moves underneath them or continuous lights that shine brightly all night long are fantastic options for scaring away vandals.


#10 Install cameras

If you find that your fence is continually targeted and defaced by illegal graffiti, it may be time to install cameras. Surveillance footage will make it easier to report the crime to the police and visible cameras will also scare off vandals.



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Request for a free information kit. Click here.

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