Should I Install a Pedestrian Gate and a Driveway Gate?

When installing a fence, you need to think carefully about the placement of your gate, or gates. Some homeowners choose to have no gate at all and instead just have gaps in the fence border where people can come and go, others choose to install a pedestrian gate and a driveway gate. How can you decide whether you need both, one, or neither?


All properties are different, and while one gate may be suitable for some houses, your home may need both a pedestrian and a driveway gate. These two gates serve different functions – primarily, the driveway gate would be more used for vehicle access and the pedestrian gate for pedestrian traffic. As well as aesthetic kerbside appeal, a quality gate offers your household greater security and safety – keep your family safe inside and keep unwanted visitors out.

Pedestrian Gate and a Driveway Gate

Does your property need both?

Deciding on whether or not you need both types of gates will depend on how your property is laid out. It might not be necessary for everyone; your house may be perfectly fine with just one of these two gate options.

The difference between the two types of gates is really all in their names. One will be primarily for your car or other vehicles, whereas the other is for passengers on foot. You may find it necessary to have both types of gates due to the placement of your front door (or main entry point, as some households tend to use the side or backdoor) in juxtaposition to the driveway. If they are very far apart, one gate probably isn’t suitable. Another reason you may need both entrances will be if there is a long stretch of grass between your driveway and front door. During winter, you don’t want to have to walk through mud to get from your car to your house! Sometimes, driveways can be located to the back of the house, which is another situation where you would definitely need both.

If your house only has on-street or complex parking, you’ll likely find yourself with no need for a driveway gate as you don’t need to navigate a vehicle up the driveway daily. Your household may be happy with a pedestrian gate only. If your driveway leads to your garage, which has an internal entry to your house, this may be another reason that a pedestrian gate is unnecessary – your household may only need the driveway one. This may also be the case if there is a short, solid path from your driveway to your front door. This path may be more than enough for traffic flow, and another gate may be unneeded. Really, it’s up to the design and needs of your home and its occupants.


What type of driveway gate should I get?

There are many different types of gates available. For a driveway gate, you need to navigate your car through daily. An automatic or electric gate would be the most convenient. It will save you having to put your car in park, jumping out and opening the gate, driving through, getting back out and reclosing it. That could be quite a time-consuming process, especially if you have to do it twice in ten minutes because you forget your handbag!


Jim’s Fencing contracting does all types of gate installations, and they can install a motorised driveway gate for your house. They can also maximise the energy efficiency of the said gate by installing solar panels right into the structure itself. Steel, iron and aluminium are common materials for a driveway gate.


If you’re thinking about getting an automatic gate, you need to decide between a swinging or sliding gate door. Both are perfectly functional. However, with a sliding model, you will save a lot of space as the gate doesn’t need to open outwards onto the street or inwards into your garden. A sliding door would definitely be a better choice in a busy street, as you will not be blocking any pedestrians or other cars when exiting your house. If your gate does swing inwards, a sliding gate will allow you to utilise your front yard space more with landscaping, as you don’t need to worry about a large door slamming into your flowers!


A great gate will raise the value of your house if or when you choose to sell it. A sliding electric gate is an investment – it can also potentially lower your house insurance premiums due to installing an additional layer of security. This type of fence is more complex than a standard manual swinging model; it is crucial to get an experienced professional to install it. Jim’s Fencing has installed gates all across Australia for over 20 years, so they are a great choice.


Pedestrian gate (H4)

There are a few things to consider for your pedestrian gate. If, due to the position of your driveway and front door, you’ve decided you need a pedestrian gate to your front (or back, or side) door, you’ll need to consider the placement of it carefully. While it may seem simple, that are actually many ways you can incorrectly place a gate that will cause you strife later down the track. You want to consider the traffic flow – is there a path they can follow to the front door easily? Is the gate in a convenient spot on the street? Then, think about whether your gate will open inwards or outwards, again considering the most natural solution for your traffic flow. Although these may seem like basic or minor things to consider, if you’re using this gate several times a day, one minor inconvenience will get more and more irritating. For pedestrian gates, you also need to make sure they’re placed in a spot that offers good drainage. During winter or wet periods, you don’t want to be dodging puddles!


To keep your children and pets safe and secure in your yard, consider the height of your fence and gate in general. You should also consider the placement of the lock and if it’s out of reach for younger children’s hands. There are many different types of locks you can choose from: a gravity latch, deadbolt, a number-coded lock, a keyed lock, etc. You can opt for additional bolts at the bottom of the fence also. PVC, wood, steel, aluminium or iron are all possible options for your gate and fence material.


What are the benefits of having a pedestrian gate installed? (H5)
  • As well as the reasons touched on above, having a gate installed helps to offer kerbside appeal and style to your property. With the range of gates available, you can choose one that perfectly fits the backdrop of your home and complements your garden.
  • A practical, automatic gate will also offer more accessibility to your house for those who struggle with mobility. Pathways to your front door from your pedestrian or driveway gate can help people who have trouble walking long distances.
  • A high-quality fence will last for years. A manual garden gate will need little to no maintenance. An automatic gate will likely require regular servicing; however, getting it professionally installed and looking after it properly will ensure it lasts for ages.
  • As well as security and safety, a gate will offer your family and property more privacy. You can build up your fence and gate to a height that will stop anyone from seeing over or install additional privacy screens on top of the wall.


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