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Research shows that in 88% of drowning incidents, the pool fence was faulty, absent or compromised when the gate isn’t closed securely.

If you have any doubts that your pool fence is safe and effective, it’s time to do something about it. {{mpg_capital_city}}

Jim’s Fencing Are The Pool Safety Experts in {{mpg_capital_city}}

 There are more than 25,000 backyard swimming pools built in Australia each year – and {{mpg_capital_city}} makes up a good portion of those brand new pools. And for every pool, there needs to be a safe, secure and certified pool fence.

 At Jim’s Fencing, we are here to give you peace of mind when it comes to your kids, their friends and anyone else who may be at risk. You may also need a {{mpg_capital_city}} pool safety certificate if you’re planning to rent or sell your home.

 As well as our professional pool fence installations, Jim’s Fencing offers pool safety inspections and evaluations across {{mpg_capital_city}}. When you get advice from a Jim’s Fencing inspector, you can sit back and relax, knowing your family and friends can safely enjoy their time in the water.

Why Get A Pool Safety Inspection in {{mpg_capital_city}}?

There are plenty of reasons you may need a pool safety inspection. Perhaps you are looking to sell or lease your property and need to make sure everything is certified, safe and up to date. Or maybe you have just renovated and want to be sure that your remodel hasn’t affected the safety of your pool fence.

 Regardless of the reason you need a pool safety certificate right now, it all comes down to one key motivation: keeping your kids, friends and family safe around the water.

All pool fencing regulations in {{mpg_capital_city}} are the minimum standards required to make sure no child is ever at risk.

 If you’d like to learn more about pool safety in Australia, see our handy pool safety checklist. The SPASA website and water safety organisation Kids Alive also have some fantastic resources available.

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When Do You Need a Pool Safety Inspection in {{mpg_capital_city}}?

Every state in Australia has different rules about when you need to have your pool inspected and how often it needs to be rechecked.

 In Victoria, pool owners must have their pool inspected at least once every four years.

 In Western Australia, pool owners must have their pool inspected at least once every four years.

 In South Australia, all pools and spas must be inspected two months after the complete installation of the safety fence.

 In Queensland, a pool safety certificate is only required when a property is sold or leased.

 In Tasmania, the only legal requirement is that you have an approved pool barrier in place.

 In the ACT, pool safety certification is needed on completion of the pool fence.

 In New South Wales, a pool certification needs to be conducted every three years. 

However, these are only the legal minimum requirements for pool safety inspection in {{mpg_capital_city}}. You may choose to have a pool fence inspection at any time, for your own peace of mind or to provide evidence your pool has the highest possible standard of safety. 

This doesn’t just apply to in-ground swimming pools, either. In {{mpg_capital_city}}, proper fencing is required for all of these categories when over 30cm deep:

  • in-ground and above-ground pools
  • indoor pools
  • wading pools
  • hot tubs and spas

Whether you need to complete a pool safety inspection for your {{mpg_capital_city}} property, or you just want some advice on how to make your backyard pool safer, the experienced team here at Jim’s Fencing can help you out with all your pool fence related needs.

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Why Trust Jim’s Fencing for you Gate Replacement & Installation in {{mpg_capital_city}}?

There are many different swimming pool inspectors in {{mpg_capital_city}}, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same standard of work. Jim’s Fencing has been delivering the best customer experience possible for over 28 years.

 Here’s what we have to offer our clients:

In-depth Knowledge

Jim’s Fencing can take you through every step of a pool safety inspection, letting you know ahead of time what the requirements are in {{mpg_capital_city}} and helping with any corrections you need to make.


Reliable & Efficient Service

As our team can carry out repairs and upgrades to your pool fence – like installing a new pool gate latch – we offer the most efficient solution for you to get your pool safety certification.


100% Quality Guarantee

That’s why we are proud to offer our {{mpg_capital_city}} customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% quality guarantee – crucial when replacing or upgrading pool fencing. You can’t go wrong when you rely on the professionals at Jim’s.


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