What Is Modular Fencing-Modular Fence Made Of, How Long Do Modular Walls Last In Australia 2022

What Is Modular Fencing Walls in Australia 2022

What is modular fencing?


You may or may not have heard of modular fencing, but you’ve definitely seen it. Those sleek, sophisticated walls bordering modern homes in your neighbourhood? Modular walls. Relatively new to the fencing world, they’ve been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few decades, but what is modular fencing?


Times have changed since the wooden picket fence dominated neighbourhood footpaths. Nowadays, there are so many fantastic options for fences across Australia – every colour, shape, design, height and material you could dream of! Although picket fences are still a popular choice, if you’re choosing a fence that can offer privacy and a modern aesthetic, modular fencing might be the answer that you have been looking for.


What is a modular wall?

It’s all in the name! A modular wall is a free-standing structure that is made up of different pieces that fit together to create the larger wall. The pieces are known as modules.


The modular wall was invented in 2002 to get around council rules that disallowed a brick wall to be built as a fence. The inventor of modular walls, Nick Holden, created a structure that looked like his desired brick wall but was constructed using a post-and-rail design. Since then, the modular wall has become mainstream, and every respected fence installer offers it as one of their fencing options. Modular walls have been featured on The Block TV series, and the Three Birds Renovations hit YouTube series.

What Is Modular Fencing Walls in Australia 2022


What types of modular walls can you get?

There are a few different designs to choose from when selecting your modular wall. As explained above, a modular wall is constructed by joining together a series of pieces – posts, rails and panels. Depending on your stylistic and functionality preferences, you can select choose between the following designs:


Slim Wall – the slimmest design, constructed out of lightweight fibre-reinforced composite posts and panels. The wall itself is about 50mm thick and can be built to 2.1 metres high. Despite the thinness, it’s very durable. This wall design offers a sleek, minimalist style that suits a wide variety of property architecture.


Vogue Wall – one of the most popular modular wall styles, as it’s so versatile and customisable. Similar to the Slim Wall, but about 75mm thick – this is made to be similar to the thickness of a brick wall! Extremely tough and long-lasting and offers good noise reduction properties.


Estate Wall – the thickest of all the designs, making it preferable for those in sound polluted areas. It’s 100mm wide, similar to the dimensions of a brick wall with large piers. The Estate wall is well suited for modern architecture and a good option if you are interested in having a feature front fence. It is also easily able to support gates, lights or electric cables.


What are the benefits of modular walls?

Modular walls haven’t become popular by lucky chance. They are an extremely multifunctional fencing material. There are multiple benefits to choosing modular walls for your new fence, some of which are:


Appearance-wise, modular walls stand out from the pack. In a row of rustic, natural-looking wooden slat fences, a modular wall is a contemporary breath of fresh air. The aesthetic of modular walls is a minimalistic fence with sleek, clean lines. They can be customised with post tops and wall capping to make your fence unique to your style. Gates can be easily built into modular walls for a streamlined look – no jarring change of material or style needed for those. Your modular wall can be made with custom cladding if you favour a feature wall. Modular walls come in various different colours. A popular customisation is to have your modular wall mimic the style of a masonry brick wall – for a fraction of what it would really cost!


Soundproofing – a modular wall has become the fast favourite for all professional fence installers as their noise reduction fencing option. A noise reduction fence is a structure designed to limit the effect of external sound pollution leaking into the area you have fenced. As Australia’s population rises and traffic and public transport get busier than ever, fencing that offers noise reduction properties is highly sought after. Modular fencing has been tested and rated by the National Acoustic Laboratory for its effectiveness and been given the tick of approval. It can help reduce the noise level up to four times as much as a standard fence can. A modular wall can help to diminish the sound pollution of power tools, traffic, voices, public transport and extreme wind and storms. Your modular wall also helps to keep all fenced in noise from filtering out, which is an added privacy bonus.


Privacy – speaking of privacy, modular walls are one of the best types of fencing for achieving peace and seclusion for your household. While they can be customised with laser-cut panels, the original design of a modular wall is a solid panel – no prying eyes or nosy neighbours can see through this. Modular walls are typically built up to 2 metres or higher (as this is the most effective height to get the most out of their soundproofing qualities). This creates a serene, private space for entertaining, playing around and relaxing at your property.


Durability is one of the most crucial elements that a fence can offer. For most people aesthetics are important, but there’s no point in having an attractive fence if it last long, or look good for long, when faced with the harsh Australian climate. Luckily, you’ll have no such issues with your modular wall. It’s corrosion and combustion resistant, so it’s suitable for any area – even bushfire-prone districts. Modular walls are incredibly tough, sturdy walls, with some models coming with a 25-year warranty.


Sloped areas and drainage issues are easy problems for your modular wall to solve. They have a modular retaining panel, made out of lightweight fibre concrete, that can be installed to accommodate any uneven ground issues or drainage problems. Lousy drainage can be a huge issue for landscaping and building projects, so using this retaining wall to drain excess water away from your land will be beneficial to your entire property.


Perfect for everything – modular wall fencing can be used for feature fences, privacy screens, retaining walls, regular fencing and boundary fencing. They’re an excellent choice for boundary fencing because they can be customised to be a ‘good neighbour fence’ style, where both households get the ‘good’ side of the fence.


How can I get a modular wall installed?

Speak to your local fencing expert, such as Jim’s Fencing. Jim’s Fencing offers an obligation-free quote and professional installation of your fence. Not only can you rely on the fence’s quality and how it has been constructed, but your experienced fence installer will also be able to recommend the best type of modular wall for your property and advise you about any customisations that might interest you or benefit your home. If you’re interested in installing a modular wall as your new fence, speak with the experts at Jim’s Fencing on 13 15 46.


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Request for a free information kit. Click here.

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