Why Your Property Needs a Side Access Gate In Australia 2022

10 Reasons Why Your Property Needs a Side Access Gate


Every house is different, and every household has different requirements, but there’s no denying the benefits that a secure side access gate can bring to your home and lifestyle.


A side access gate will offer your household both convenience and improved security by allowing restricted access between your back and front yards. Side access gates can be installed in different locations on your property depending on its layout. If your property is a corner block, a side access gate can open directly out on to the street, but otherwise it is generally positioned to one side of your property and is designed to prevent unrestricted access between your front and back yards. Here are ten reasons why your property could benefit from installing a secure side access gate.

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#1 They make your property more secure

A secure, lockable barrier is always going to provide you with more peace of mind than an open space or a flimsy barrier. Home burglaries unfortunately continue to be a prevalent problem across Australia, in fact Australia has the seventh highest burglary rate in the world. If home security is essential to you, it’s worth installing a steel or aluminium fence and restricting access to your backyard with a secure, lockable side access gate. Make sure it has a dependable lock – some homeowners prefer to have a slide bolt lock as well as a key lock for additional security. As well as being a physical barrier, a secure side access gate can stop nosy passers-by from being able to see into your backyard.


#2 They make your yard safer for kids and pets

If you have a dog or young children, keeping them safely contained in your yard is absolutely essential. A reliable, secure fence that can handle having the bodyweight of animals and children jumping onto it is a huge advantage. Being able to restrict access between the front and back yards of your home is useful because it means that children and pets can play safely in your backyard without you worrying about a visitor or a delivery person forgetting to shut the front gate. Always make sure that the latch for your side access gate is positioned up high enough to prevent a child being able to reach up and unlock it.


#3 They add a layer of privacy

Having a high side access gate will allow you and your family to keep your private lives private. If there’s free access to your backyard around the side of your house, it’s easy for visitors (and strangers) to wander around the back of your home without being restricted. Everybody wants to feel at ease and comfortable in their own homes, so blocking prying eyes and nosy visitors will help you to relax and enjoy your property’s outdoor area.


#4 They add to the resale value of your property

Many people know and appreciate the benefits of a secure, lockable gate. Potential buyers will value any security features that your home has. Having a stylish and functional security gate will always be a bonus when you’re in the position of trying to sell your home.

They add to the resale value of your property

#5 They can be a benefit to your insurance plan

Having that additional security feature can also be a significant draw factor to your insurer. Insurance companies earn more money from clients who don’t make claims, so if your home has security features or is located in a low-crime area you may be able to claim lower insurance costs.


#6 They help to maintain a stylish fence line

Side access gates are available in a wide range of different designs and styles. You can choose to go for the cohesive fence line look and match the material and look of your front fence with your side access gate. Or, you can decide to make your gate a statement piece and install a gate that is more decorative or colourful in its design. Side access gates can be constructed from timber, PVC, metal or a combination of materials. Side access gates should be considered an investment, so it’s best to get them installed professionally, particularly if you want to be confident in the security and durability of the gate. Contact Jim’s Fencing on 13 15 46 to arrange an evaluation and recommendation for your side access gate. Jim’s Fencing has installed fences and gates at Australian homes for over twenty years and can offer you the advice and service to ensure that you choose a stylish and secure gate design for your home.


#7 They allow you to safely store equipment in your backyard without having to bring it through your house

A secure side access gate is great for allowing you to store bikes, wheelie bins, or gardening equipment such as lawnmowers safely in your backyard, while still allowing easy access to move between your front and back yards. With a secure side access gate, you can be confident that any items stored in your backyard cannot be easily stolen by a nefarious, opportunistic passer-by.


#8 They maintain well and can help with wear and tear on your other gates

With the convenient benefits of allowing you to easily and securely access your backyard directly from your front yard, if your side access gate provides access directly from the footpath, it will also help to cut down traffic through your other gates – pedestrian, driveway or both. Although a professionally installed gate can last for years, constant daily use will add to its wear and tear, so providing another secure access point to your property will help to keep your other gates looking and functioning well for longer.


#9 They save time and energy

A secure side access gate will provide you with a convenient access point, whether it’s to bring in your bins, to wheel your bike into the shed, or to easily push your lawnmower around the side of the house. Whichever extra convenience having a side access gate provides you with, your household will find that having this extra gate installed saves time and energy by allowing your household to have secure access to the rear of your house.


#10 They can help you to easily access different entrances to your home

Being able to use the rear (or side) door for some houses could be preferable, or more practical than using the front door. This could be due to a huge range of reasons: maybe your front door is located up a set of stairs, or perhaps after a sweaty morning run it’s easier to enter through the back of the house near the shower area, it may be easier to bring heavy shopping bags directly into the kitchen through the back or side door. Whatever your reasons, having a secure side access gate will enable you to reach the back door a lot more conveniently than entering through the front gate and having to walk through to the rear of the house.


To speak with your local fencing experts about installing a secure side access gate at your property, phone Jim’s Fencing on 13 15 46.


Request for a free information kit. Click here.
Request for a free information kit. Click here.

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