10 Factors That Can Devalue Your Home

Are you about to embark on the process of selling your home? Before you put your property on the real estate market it may be worth considering whether there are any simple ways that you can boost the value of your home. Here are 10 issues that will affect your property value.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s natural that you’ll want to get the best price you possibly can. Sometimes, there are factors about your home that you can’t do anything about – such as its location near a busy highway. But there are other factors you can easily fix to give yourself the best chance for sales success.

1) Improve your street appeal

First appearances count for everything – and it’s just the same when it comes to selling your house. How does your home look from the street? Does it look like the kind of home that people will aspire to? Or does it look in need of a little TLC? If it’s not looking at its best from the street, then you won’t get the best price when you sell – it’s really that simple.

2) Get a new fence

It sounds simple, but a new fence can do wonders for the value of your property. Think about whether you want a fence that provides privacy for the front of your property or one that shows off the expansive front yard – either way, investing in a new fence could be a good option for you as you prepare to sell. It speaks volumes about how you care for the property and the investment you’ve been prepared to make into it.

Factors That Can Devalue Your Home - How to increase the value of your house

3) Get the garden looking at its best

Getting your garden looking at its best doesn’t mean that you need to undertake a massive, last-minute landscaping project. It just means that the garden needs to look attractive, clean, and well-maintained. A garden that looks like it’s a headache to maintain or that already has problem areas can really put purchasers off. Put some thought into how to make your garden look its best and it will pay off.

4) Give your pool a quick makeover

Swimming pools can add to or devalue your home depending on how they look and the prospective purchaser’s attitude towards having a swimming pool in their garden. But one thing’s certain, a pool in need of a good cleaning and maintenance is a sure detractor. Tidy your pool area, and get rid of dead plants and old outdoor furniture. Upgrading your pool fence is a quick and easy way to update your pool area.

Factors That Can Devalue Your Home

5) Repaint the house exterior

A house that’s in need of an exterior paint job isn’t going to get the best price when you sell it. It’s an easy target for a prospective purchaser to use in their negotiations to bring the price down, but more than that, it says a lot about the time that you’ve put into maintaining your property. Prospective purchasers may wonder what hidden areas of the house also need maintenance attention when something as easily fixed as the exterior painting of the house hasn’t been maintained as it should.

6) Clean out the garage

Get the clutter out of the garage. A single or two-car garage is a tremendous asset for a home – but only if the new purchaser can use it to park their cars. Having a garage full of storage items stops a prospective purchaser from seeing the garage’s full potential and can make them wonder about storage within the property – will they also need to use the garage as an overflow?

7) Fix the maintenance issues

When you’re selling your home, simple but obvious things around the house that need maintenance can really drag your price down. Make sure the gutters have been cleared, broken pavers have been fixed, and the rusty spring on the side gate has been replaced. They’re little things but they can have a big impact on people’s perception of your property.

8) Repaint the interior

A bad interior paint job can really devalue your home and yet it’s something that can be easily fixed. That purple feature wall that your teenager painted one weekend in their bedroom should really go – and if you don’t do it before you sell, you risk it devaluing your home as prospective purchasers see it as one additional job they need to do before they can make the home their own. That can have the impact of putting people off the sale totally (too much to fix) or giving them a point of negotiation with the agent (of course, we’ll need to completely redo that bedroom).

It may not be necessary to repaint the entire interior of your home. The aim is to make your home look as adaptable as possible for future owners so it’s about toning down (or removing) any unusual paint or wallpaper choices and giving them a blank canvas that they can imagine making their own.

how to increase value of your house

9) Declutter the inside

This is one of the golden rules when it comes to selling your home. Declutter, declutter, declutter. The less you have in your home, the bigger it seems and the more attractive it will be to prospective purchasers. A home that is crammed full of stuff looks and feels claustrophobic. It’s harder for people looking at your home to move around during an inspection and that creates an overall impression of lack of space – even in the biggest home.

Rent a temporary storage unit if you need to for the period of the sale – but make sure that your clutter is out of sight and you’re presenting your home in the best possible light.

10) Depersonalise your home

We all love to decorate our homes with personal mementos and family photos – but when you’re selling, try to make your home as impersonal as you can. That’s because you want a prospective purchaser to be able to imagine themselves living there – and that’s a lot easier when they’re not confronted with a wall full of your family’s holiday snaps.


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