Chain Wire Fencing

An economical fencing solution for industrial and sporting grounds
      Chain wire fencing is one of the oldest forms of wire fencing. It’s a woven wire fabric made from galvanized steel or PVC coated steel wire which typically comes in green and black. It’s also known as chain link, diamond fencing, wire netting or cyclone fencing. Available in heights of up to 4,200 mm, they are incredibly versatile and can be commonly used to secure industrial land, schools and sporting grounds.  Jim’s Fencing are the chain wire fencing specialists and offer the Jim’s Fencing 100% quality guarantee, so you can depend on us to do a stellar job. Want to find out more about our chain wire fencing solutions? Let’s explore three problems the chain wire fence can help solve!  

1)      Burglaries & Intrusion

If you fear your industrial or commercial property is open to intruders or has experienced a burglary, you will no doubt understand the necessity of installing chain wire fencing. It’s an excellent fencing option to secure your property due to its height, making it difficult for people to climb over. Our chain wire fencing contractors at Jim’s Fencing can help put your mind at ease with an easy installation.  

2)      Hazardous Zones

But what about other areas on your property? Is your site filled with spots that are too dangerous to roam around in? No problem! Chain wire is a fantastic solution to keep hazardous zones enclosed and keeps factory workers from roaming around unsafe areas on your property. Jim’s Fencing offer the 100% quality guarantee to ensure your new chain wire fence is well secured.  

3)      Untidy Areas

Do you also need to stow away items like stock or equipment? Too easy. Chain wire is so versatile. Jim’s Fencing can install a chain wire fence to create a safe storage space for any outdoor items! Whether you’re creating partitions at a factory, building site enclosures or creating security in public spaces, let our chain wire fencing contractors assist you with your needs.

Materials Used


Are you concerned about the security of your industrial land?

Galvanized steel
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • low maintenance
  • affordable
PVC coated steel wire
  • Resistant to cracking, peeling, splitting and impact from tennis balls etc
  • offers a high-level of UV protection
Chain wire fencing offers:
  • An economical fencing solution
  • An effective style that covers lots of ground
  • Two choices of materials and a variety of heights

Customers are loving Jim’s Fencing services! Here’s what they have to say:

  “Many thanks to Craig from Jim’s Fencing (Ellenbrook) for all his help – the property was due for sale in two weeks when the fence was damaged. He understood the urgency and was able to repair/replace the damage with time to spare, which greatly eased my mind during a significantly stressful time. Jim’s was recommended to me and I will definitely be recommending Craig.” G. Bates, WA    

Why trust Jim’s Fencing?

 The Jim’s Group franchisees have been servicing the Australian community for almost 30 years.  We are the chain wire fencing specialists who believe in top-quality fencing that is highly durable and functional. We train our amazing franchisees to aim for quality results and we offer our customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% quality guarantee. Our service offers advice that you can trust regarding the installation of your new fence. Here at Jim’s Fencing, we take pride in our customer service and would be more than happy to provide you with a consultation regarding chain wire fencing.  

Would you like to enquire about installing chain wire fencing?

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