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Here at Jim’s Fencing, we install high quality residential fences in {{mpg_capital_city}} that both look stunning and keep your yard secure.

If you are looking for a feature fence to add some style to your home, talk to the experts at Jim’s.

We’re The #1 Choice For Feature Fencing in {{mpg_capital_city}}

You’ve perfected the look of your {{mpg_capital_city}} home, you manicure your garden, because you want to keep everything looking just the way you like it. So why neglect your fence? It’s part of your property too.  

Here at Jim’s Fencing, we install high quality residential fences in {{mpg_capital_city}} that both look stunning and keep your yard secure. If you are looking for a feature fence to add some style to your home, talk to the experts at Jim’s.

We cover the full range of feature fencing you need in {{mpg_capital_city}}, from traditional feature fences to modern custom-designed fences and gates to maximise the value of your home.

Why Build a Feature Fence in {{mpg_capital_city}}?

If you’re asking “Why should I build a feature fence?” you should instead be asking, “Why not?”. A feature fence is the perfect creative touch to complement your home and garden, framing your property in a way that is uniquely you.

A custom Jim’s Fencing feature fence increases the value of your {{mpg_capital_city}} property, welcomes guests in style and maximises your home’s curb appeal. 

With a wide range of options, Jim’s Fencing has the perfect feature fence for your needs, whether you prefer a traditional style popular in {{mpg_capital_city}} or something striking and modern.

Some of the most beautiful and unique homes in {{mpg_capital_city}} have detailed feature fencing – and when you’ve customised every aspect of your house and landscaping, why settle for a standardised fence?

Does Your Fence Need Some Attention?


What is a Feature Fence?

A feature fence goes above and beyond the standard fencing styles in {{mpg_capital_city}}, creating a centrepiece to accent your home and landscaping.

 Feature fencing blends form and function by using materials and shapes in aesthetically attractive ways – whether that’s a traditional ornamental fence or a modern creation. 

Because a feature fence is all about your vision, you have an enormous range of options to choose from, and we can even create a custom-designed fence to suit your {{mpg_capital_city}} property.

Modern Feature Fencing Styles in {{mpg_capital_city}}

A unique modern fence is the perfect finishing touch for a new modern home in {{mpg_capital_city}}, or the ideal accent to complete a renovation. Choosing a modern feature fence makes your {{mpg_capital_city}} new build in stand out, and with a wide range of options to choose from, you have plenty of creative freedom too!

Aluminium Feature Fences in {{mpg_capital_city}}

Aluminium fences are common for businesses and commercial properties in {{mpg_capital_city}}, but also can also give your home a sleek, modern look. Aluminium slats and fences are durable and sturdy, without feeling cold or suffocating. 

Aluminium fencing is also a highly cost-effective option: it has lower installation costs than many other materials and requires less maintenance.

Learn more about aluminum feature fencing here

Merbau Feature Fences in {{mpg_capital_city}}

Merbau feature fences are natural and beautiful as well as hardwearing, which explains why they are so popular across {{mpg_capital_city}}.

A Merbau feature fence is a quick and easy way to add value to your property in {{mpg_capital_city}}.

Learn more about merbau feature fences here

Hybrid Timber Feature Fences in {{mpg_capital_city}}

More and more people in {{mpg_capital_city}} are choosing a hybrid timber look for their new fence installation. 

If you have a smaller yard that you want to look larger, horizontal slats will make your yard feel more open, while vertical slats give a ‘secure’ feeling. 

Learn more about hybrid feature fencing here

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Traditional Feature Fencing in {{mpg_capital_city}}

Traditional feature fencing is all about capturing a classic look for your {{mpg_capital_city}} home. It’s important to consider which kind of fence is right for you, because even when it comes to vintage and heritage fence designs for {{mpg_capital_city}} homes, there’s still plenty of options to choose from.

Heritage Woven Wire Feature Fences in {{mpg_capital_city}}

Heritage woven wire fences are often used as boundary fences for heritage-style homes in {{mpg_capital_city}}.

 If you’re renovating or restoring an older home, you may need a vintage style feature fence to suit the property, especially if the old fence is in need of replacement.

Learn more about heritgage woven wire fencing here


Picket Feature Fences In {{mpg_capital_city}}

For many {{mpg_capital_city}} homes of a certain era and style, the humble picket fence is the perfect complement

While the white picket fence will always be a staple in {{mpg_capital_city}}, the versatility of picket feature fences make them perfect for homeowners to experiment with.  

Learn more about picket feature fences here

Custom Designed Fences in {{mpg_capital_city}}

Everyone wants to add that unique splash of creativity to their home. Whether it’s to add value to your property, accent a brand new home in {{mpg_capital_city}}, or just to invest in a fence you’ll love for many years to come, custom feature fencing is the way to go. 

Options for custom fencing in {{mpg_capital_city}} include:

  • Custom waterfront fences
  • Mixed materials fences
  • Custom art deco fences
  • Hybrid timber fences
  • and many more.

Learn more about custom fencing here.

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Why Trust Jim’s Fencing for Feature Fencing Installation in {{mpg_capital_city}}?

Jim’s Fencing is the number one fencing contractor you should talk to about installing a feature fence in {{mpg_capital_city}}. We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we have a friendly franchisee in your local area. 

There are many fencing contractors in {{mpg_capital_city}}, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same standard of work. Don’t risk having an inexperienced team work on such an important feature for your beloved home.

When you choose a trusted name like Jim’s Fencing, you have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive the highest quality product and the best workmanship. 

Jim’s Fencing has been serving {{mpg_capital_city}} with the best customer experience possible for over 28 years. Our fantastic franchisees always aim for exceptional results, and that’s why we offer our customers the Jim’s Fencing 100% quality guarantee. You can’t go wrong when you rely on the professionals at Jim’s.

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